Officials say two fires are burning on a mountain outside of Trinidad.

The Pipeline Fire Complex is now 100 percent contained.

Officials say visible smoke is coming from areas that are too difficult to access but is not likely to threaten areas outside the containment zone.

Both fires were caused by lightning.

The fires are being fought from the ground and the air. Around 25 firefighters are on scene, with a total of 80 to 100 firefighters expected Wednesday. Water was dropped on the fire from a plane early Tuesday afternoon, and more air drops with fire retardant are planned.

Incident commander Buddy Curro said firefighters weren't directly attacking the fire on Tuesday because of the dangerous conditions they faced- only one way in and out of the fire.

Firefighters from the Fisher's Peak Fire Protection District, the Stonewall Fire Department, and Piñon Canyon are on the scene. Fire crews in New Mexico have also offered to help.