Firefighters say Monday's fire at the Drake Power Plant was one of the riskiest.

The fire began Monday morning at 700 Conejos St. Investigators said it was accidental and caused by an oil leak.

Lt. Carrick Patterson was one of the first responders. He established command and water supply and started directing fire operations. He said in his 12 years with the Colorado Springs Fire Department, this was one of the most dangerous fires he has been involved with.

"The power generation, the chemicals, the coal, knowing that we've put people in there, it's a very very dangerous situation," he said.

The fire was a learning experience for firefighter Cameron Halverson. He graduated from the training academy last October.

"Most new guys don't get that experience in their first year of being on the job." he said. "So it was a combination of exciting, and being a little hesitant and nervous at first because that was an extreme amount of fire."

Halverson said his training kicked in. And the men say at the end of the day, danger is part of the job.

"It's part of the risk we take when we put on the uniform and the badge," Patterson said. "We're sworn to protect the citizens and the property and lives of Colorado Springs."