Firefighters Warn People To Stay Off Ice

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - After a tragic death in a pond in Fountain, firefighters are urging people to stay off the ice.

On Saturday, 45-year-old William Tuttle was trying to save his dog who had run out on the ice when he fell into the water. It took divers about 90 minutes to locate Tuttle under the water. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Fountain firefighters are reminding everyone to be careful around lakes and ponds.

They are asking people to head the warning signs and make sure their dogs are on a leash.

"When animals are out, they need to be on leashes. Every time we have to get these people, it's because their dogs have run out on the ice to get geese," said Darin Anstine, Fountain Fire Chief.

"People seem to ignore the signs, I don't know why," said Tony Aguon. Aguon frequently visits the park and said he's not surprised there was a tragic accident.

"The kids really don't know any better... if you tell them to get off... they say you're not my parent," he said.

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