First Pics, Arson Suspect

Green Mountain Falls Arson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Kyle Lawrence remains in a Denver Hospital burn unit. Investigators believes the Colorado Springs man was burned while helping to set the recent fire that leveled the Green Mountain Falls Town Hall. Kyle's friend, Mike Clifton tells me, "Kyle is a 22 year old man who had a very bright future who is now horribly burned and wil probably be ina prison somewhere for the majority of his young life."

Clifton was visiting Lawrence in his Denver Hospital room on Tuesday. He also thinks that Kyle got in with the wrong crowd after the Occupy movement fizzled out in Colorado Springs. Both men were part of the peaceful push for change. Clifton said this about the group that his friend was hanging out with before the fire, "They had dreams of doing black ops, doing covert ops like this and dreams that the world was going to end soon."

Clifton also believes this of the group his friend was hanging out with before the fire. "There was a group that decided that the things they wanted to do to change the world would be illegal instead of working within the system. All it's done right now is a hurt a young man's life."

Former Occupy Spokesperson, Jason Warf says he was shocked after learning that Kyle Lawrence is being linked to the Green Mountain Falls arson. He said, " Kyle seemed like a good guy. He was frustrated with everything going on in the world. I just never in a million years, imagined him doing anything like this."

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