Getting into and out of properties in Black Forest was difficult for residents Tuesday after Monday's flash-flooding severely eroded many private, unpaved roads in Black Forest.

One of the hardest-hit roads was Rusk Lane north of Shoup Road.  Erosion there is so bad that a person can stand in channels created by flash-flooding.  Driving on the roads is nearly impossible. 

The flooding is considered the worst yet since last month's wildfire destroyed nearly 500 homes.

El Paso County officials have no responsibility for private roads, but County Engineer Andre Brackin said an exception could be made if the roads are creating an emergency or threat to life and safety.  Brackin said results of a study due in August should help officials determine whether any private roads qualify for disaster funds.

Tuesday evening, a front-end loader was on Rusk Lane smoothing out rough spots there.  The driver said he works for a company that donated the loader, which normally is used for other aspects of post-fire cleanup.