Flu season is right around the corner, but it's too early to tell how good or how bad of a season it'll be, according to experts.

"We really have no idea. Is it going to be a bad season? Is it going to be a good season, where we don't see much flu? We don't know. And you can't tell by the year before what's going to happen this year because everything's completely new and completely different," KRDO Medical Expert Dr. John Torres said.

Dr. John said the months of December and January are when we really see the flu kicking in. Although, there could be cases before that. Because it's unpredictable, the best time to prepare for it is now.

"Once the flu season's here, it takes two weeks for that shot to kick into your body and offer protection," Dr. John said. "And so you don't want to wait until the flu's here because then if you get the shot today, it's not going to protect you for the next two weeks. You could get exposed and get the flu."