Focus On The Family Not Supporting New Health Care Compromise

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A so-called compromise by President Barack Obama's administration on mandatory birth control coverage in his health care plan is still being criticized by a local faith-based group that speaks for Catholics worldwide.

Focus on the Family leaders said Friday's declaration by Obama, that companies will not be responsible for providing employees access to birth control, isn't the kind of compromise they were hoping for. Focus said forcing birth control measures on people of faith is a problem, whether it's through health insurance or a requirement of businesses.

"There is a limit to what government can compel its citizens to do- and not do- particularly in matters of faith and freedom," said Jim Daly, the group's president. "It's in the best interest of all Americans, of ideological stripe, that it not be crossed."

Another spokesperson for the company said even though businesses don't have to be included in a national health care plan the plan still infringes upon religious freedom.

"Some [businesses] will opt to be self-insured so they can make those decisions themselves without having government intervention," said Carrie Gordon Earll, a spokeswoman for Focus On The Family.

Earll works with Focus' lobbying arm CitizenLink. She said the group supports current legislation that would overturn the Obama administration's health care mandates.

"This is about religious freedom and whether or not the government can tell faith-based groups to behave in a way that violates their deeply held religious beliefs," said Earll. "We say no. We say that's wrong."

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