Following hailstorm in Fountain, contractors give advice on what to do next

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Damage was extensive throughout Fountain Wednesday as hundreds cleaned up from the previous night's hail storm. 

It was hard to find a place the hail did not touch in Brittany Trausch's yard. 

"The whole top is damaged, it's so bad you can't open doors and shut them," Trausch said about her car. 

From windshields to windows, her roof and siding, it was all destroyed by large baseball-sized hail. 

"Not only did it go through the vinyl itself, but it is completely through the entire siding down to the foam," Stephanie Leclerc with Krueger Brothers Construction said. 

The company is helping get Trausch's siding repaired. 

"You can see what hail does," Leclerc said. 

One of the most important things to do Leclerc said when dealing with hail damage is to make sure everything gets covered up. 

"It's Colorado, and you don't want that rain or that surprise storm to come through and you're sitting there not having stuff covered because you're not able to get your property protected or you didn't know where all your damage was," Leclerc said. 

A few blocks away, Nathan Medina, owner of Mountain Springs Roofing Company is inspecting John Quintal's roof. 

"It sounded like bombs hitting the roof," Quintal said. 

That sound translated to extensive damage across town. 

"A lot of the same areas that got hit a few years ago, but probably double the size of the damage on roofs," Medina said. 

Medina added calling the insurance company should be on the top of the to-do list for homeowners with hail damage. 

"Make sure that everything is well documented, make sure you have pictures and everything like that," Medina said. 

A reminder too that scammers will take advantage of storms like this one, so it's important to verify contractors before using them to complete repairs. 


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