A former Liberty High School coach is accused of sexual assault on a student.

Colorado Springs Police have arrested 21-year-old David Kindig, who used to work at Liberty High School.

David Kindig started out as a student at Liberty High School. Then he became a volunteer for the football team, and eventually a seasonal employee as assistant coach. But now he's been arrested for sexual assault.

"He has been a volunteer coach a year before, and he had also undergone a background check before he was a volunteer," said Nanette Anderson, spokesperson for School District 20.

A former student was turned over to police by his own employer - his old high school.

"He was only an assistant football coach. After the football season ended he was no longer employees by the district. Mr. Kindig did got through a background check he was finger printed just like all of our employees," said Anderson.

Kindig was tagged in photos from the Liberty High Football team on Max, a website that profiles high school athletes.

"There have been incidents like this before. Only one I can think of in the past year. One report that led to an arrest," said Anderson.

Police say probable cause was found after a school resource officer alerted them about a possible inappropriate relationship with a student.

"Whenever the allegations are about sexual contact with a minor, police are asked to investigate that right away. Staff members are trained about when they have a duty to report an incident by our Human Resources department,” explains Anderson.

Now, Kindig is accused of sexual assault on a child by one in position of trust.

Anderson says, "He's an employee of the school district at that time, so that makes him a person in a position if trust, he's obviously looked up to as an employee of the district as an employee of Liberty High School,"

All teachers and staff in District 20 have been notified of the arrest.

Kindig will be in court on Wednesday the 18th.