Fourth at the fire house

Fourth at the fire house

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - One year ago, the mood was much different in black forest.
Fires had just terrorized the community and firefighters were coming off a battle to save the area.
Now, the mood is brighter.
"It's a wonderful opportunity to thank the community for their endless support of us," said Kathy Russell, Black Forest Fire and Rescue Public Information Officer.
A community rebuilding and growing.
Ten men and women were sworn in as firefighters...
"they've worked extremely hard, and already become an integral part to the department," Russell said.  
In front of residents who are weary of future fires.
"They have supported us endlessly and in turn we have been there for them. we're neighbors to them. Days like today are a great way to celebrate that and have some fun together," she said.
Getting a first hand look at a team of people on alert and a community looking to them for safety.
"It's celebrating our deep connection to the community," she said. "Black forest fire rescue started in 1945, since then we have been one of the essential elements of the black forest community."
This is the second year the firefighter has held a Fourth of July celebration.

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