Free Christmas Trees For Needy Families

Second Year For The Christmas Tree Project

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Finding the perfect tree is an important part of Christmas, but it's a luxury some can't afford. A Colorado Springs couple is working to change that, and make sure every family in the community that wants a tree this year can have one.

For the second year now, David and Michelle Fein are giving away fully decorated Christmas trees to families in need. They call it The Christmas Tree Project.

"We met a mother with 11 children and this is their first Christmas tree; we had a 90-year-old woman from a nursing home call us and we delivered it to her," said David Fein. "It's a whole range of people. In this economy, I think people are struggling more than normal."

So far this year, the Feins have given away about 90 trees, and they're looking for homes for about 200 more. They just got a donation of 150 live trees, and they have rooms filled with ornaments and decorations.

The Christmas Tree Project started last year after the Feins tried to give away their old tree on Craigslist. They were overwhelmed with responses.

"When my wife and I started a year ago, our goal was to give away one Christmas tree," said Fein. "It blossomed into a citywide organization. We gave away 300 trees last year."

He said putting smiles on children?s faces for Christmas is what the project is all about, and he feels lucky every time he can do that.

"My wife and I are the two luckiest people in Colorado Springs, for sure," said Fein.

The Christmas Tree Project is still looking for cash donations, fake trees and decorations. To donate or request a tree, call 719-799-6025 or email

For the Christmas Tree Project website click here .

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