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AFFIDAVIT: Suspect in Fremont Co. murder told victim "narcs deserve to die"

FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. - Three people have been arrested in connection to the death of a Fremont County teen. The affidavits have recently been released, revealing what led up to 18-year-old Thomas Gwardyak's death. 

Gwardyak's body was found by two hikers on July 29 near the Brush Hollow Reservoir. He had two gunshot wounds; one in the left elbow and one in the left side of his neck.

By investigating the scene, deputies were able to determine that he was shot at "point-blank range." 

According to the affidavits, this all started on July 28 when Gwardyak contacted a friend, telling her that Tyler Delaney was involved in her dad's truck being stolen. 

The girl then messaged Delaney's girlfriend, Kayla Mattice, asking if she knew anything. 

Mattice told Delaney about the accusation, so he decided to confront Gwardyak.

The two went and picked up Gwardyak from his aunt's house in Canon City and went over to the friend's house.

Delaney, Mattice and Gwardyak got to the friend's house at around 2:30 or 3 a.m. on July 29. 

The friend told investigators that Delaney was bullying Gwardyak. She could tell that Delaney was mad at him. Delaney even brought up the stolen truck accusation and said to Gwardyak, "narcs deserve to die."

As they were getting ready to leave, Delaney showed the friend a sawed-off shotgun under his coat. 

What happens next was explained in the interview between investigators and Mattice.

She first denies anything that happened that night, but when confronted with other allegations, she becomes emotional and starts crying. Mattice admits that she was there when Gwardyak was killed. 

According to the affidavits, she said during questioning that Delaney drove Gwardyak out to a rocky field in Penrose, forced him out of the vehicle, and shot him in the arm. 

Gwardyak begins screaming for help. Delaney and Mattice talk about how they "could not leave Gwardyak like he was." Delaney then pulled up his car next to Gwardyak, opened the door, leaned out, and shot Gwardyak in the neck. 

Mattice told investigators that she didn't know Delaney was going to kill Gwardyak.

Both Delaney and Mattice were arrested on August 2 after leading several law enforcement agencies on a vehicle pursuit through Canon City.

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The Fremont County Sheriff's Office was tipped off by someone in contact with Delaney, saying he was going to be in the area.

Ranger Steve Cunningham with BLM was able to positively identify the vehicle Delaney was driving because he saw the vehicle the same day, driving in the same area, where Gwardyak was found. 

According to the affidavits, Delaney's step father has property near where Gwardyak was killed. Detectives believe the tire tracks leading from the crime scene to the step father's home are the same on Delaney's car. 

During questioning with Delaney, he first denies any involvement but later admits that he was there but says Kevin Woodard shot Gwardyak. 

"He would not provide any details as to how Woodard arrived at the scene and only implied that he arrived and Woodard was already present," the arrest affidavit states. 

Woodard was arrested in New Mexico on Thursday. 

Delany faces charges of Murder in the First Degree and Attempt First Degree Murder of a Peace Officer. He could be sentenced to life without parole. 

Mattice is facing two to six years in prison and is being held on a $25,000 bond. 

To read Delaney's affidavit, click here

To read Mattice's affidavit, click here


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