Fremont County

Fremont County 911 down

The Colorado State Patrol says Fremont County 911 is not working. 

If you call 911 in Fremont County, your call will be transferred to Pueblo County 911.

CRCA Executive Director Kris Meredith said that the problem could be a "damaged fiber optic cable." It is affecting several counties. 

Cell phone outages have also been reported in the Fremont County area.

St. Thomas More Hospital in Canon City says its phones are down too. 

In addition, Teller County says its administrative phone lines are down. 

CenturyLink confirms it has an "incident" affecting phone service in the region but has not provided additional details. 

We are working to learn more.

Crews are currently working on the outage, and they are unsure on how long it will take to get it fixed. 

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