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Canon City deer population explodes, deer harvest possible

Canon City deer population explodes,...

CANON CITY, Colo. - Deer are becoming a nuisance to the Canon City community, causing issues for many people including Paula and Andy Sheagley.

"We try to grow things, you can't have a garden or anything unless it's fenced in," Sheagley said.

They planted 17 trees on their property and said if they didn't fence them in that day, their pricey investment would have been for nothing.

"Bambi's not so cute anymore when it just becomes very destructive," Sheagley said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife district wildlife manager Zach Holder said the Sheagley's experience isn't unique. 

"We've seen an increase in conflict with people and their pets, does trying to chase pets down and dogs. We've seen an increase in motor vehicle accidents because of the increase in population," Holder said.

The population is growing so much that the city is asking parks and wildlife to look into deer harvesting.

"It's not an aspect of going and killing that animal. If a hunting season took place, that that would be the harvest of an animal and that meat will be kept for human consumption," Holder said.

The decision on whether to harvest the deer will be made by city council, but with a lot of input from the community.

If the city does decide to allow harvesting, they can put as many regulations in place, to make it as safe as possible.

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