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Circumstantial evidence points to Eric Ashby's identification

Circumstantial evidence point to Eric...

FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. - Eric Ashby was seen alive rafting a few miles upriver from the Royal Gorge when his raft flipped on June 28.

Beyond that, the details get fuzzy. Ashby wasn't reported missing until 10 days after his disappearance.

"I'm trying to put the pieces together and it's so much 'he said, she said' stuff," said Lisa Albritton, Ashby's sister.

We spoke with Albritton over Facebook video. She said she's frustrated with the lack of information she's received over the past few months.

"I'm really baffled by the whole situation. God forbid, if this was somebody in (the sheriff's) family, they would have already found the answers," Albritton said.

The coroner said he can't confirm the body is Ashby, but he says there's a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing to it.

"Height of the individual found in the river is correct. The remains that we found, the condition of the remains were consistent with somebody being in the river for a little over a month," said Fremont County Coroner Randy Keller.

When the body was found, it was sent to El Paso County for an autopsy that yielded no solid results. Dental records also didn't give any answers.

The coroner's office is now waiting for the results of DNA evidence from the remains that are being compared to the DNA of Ashby's father.

"It could take six months, eight months to get that back. It just depends on the backlog," Keller said.

Despite the circumstantial evidence, Ashby's sister says she will believe it when the DNA results come in.

"My brother has no tattoos. He has a couple scars, which I will not release to the public because I'm to the point where I have to see to believe, at this point," Albritton said.

Ashby's family and friends are pushing for a "duty to report" law in Colorado that would require someone to call 911 if they witness a situation in which someone is in danger.

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