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Couple facing possible eviction raises concerns over Canon City building regulations

Couple raises concerns over Canon...

CANON CITY - The owners of Dawson Ranch Stables, Valerie and Dwayne Williams, are fed up with Canon City's building policies. They say they’re unfair.

After a lengthy battle, city leaders are threatening to evict them from their business.

“Everything started happening since May 30th of this year. The city administration of Canon City is really coming down on us for a watchman’s quarters that’s only 400 square feet,” Valerie Williams said.

The issue is that the city says their living quarters on their ranch don’t meet federal regulations. Valerie says they've tried to meet them.

“They wanted sewer put in, we got a sewer hookup. Now, they’re changing it up — and saying, 'Okay now you’re in a flood zone and they’re not accepting any of the paperwork I turn in for this,'” Valerie added. "They’re picking on all these businesses. They’re shutting them down."

City administrator Tony O’Rourke says the action was necessary. And the troubles all started in 2013 when the couple moved into the living quarters.

“We’ve been warned previously to adhere to their regulations and enforce them,” said O’Rourke.

He says the feds are now cracking down after they’ve granted the Williams family several extensions to get the area up to spec.

“We’ve been put on notice to walk a straight line with the federal government. This puts us in jeopardy by incurring favor when they simply have to meet the requirements that they agreed to meet four years ago. They simply have to comply with the same rules as everyone else."

The Williamses plan to appeal the city’s decision.

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