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Department of Corrections searching for three missing Afghan students

COLORADO SPRINGS - Colo. - The Colorado Department of Corrections confirms three students from the International Correctional Management Training Center in Cañon City are missing.

The three students are part of a group from Afghanistan who are vetted and authorized to be in the United States for training.

The students failed to appear at a designated pick up point after a sponsored trip last night.

The students were supposed to return to the meeting point in Colorado Springs at 7:00 last night, but failed to do so.

The Department of Corrections says the U.S. State Department conducts background checks and thoroughly vets all students that attend the training center.

The students were in the United States on temporary visas.

Mark Fairbairn, the public information officer for the Colorado Department of Corrections says the primary concern is the safety of the missing students.

The names and the ages of the missing students have not been provided.

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