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Fremont Co. Lt., deputy return to duty after placed on leave

FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. - Two employees with the Fremont County Sheriff's Office have returned for duty after being placed on leave.

Lt. Bruce Briscoe was accused of sexual assault. There were claims against him stating that he had an intimate relationship with a 17-year-old back in ’99.

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But in order to prove guilt, the prosecution must have sufficient evidence to prove sexual contact occurred.

The DA says the passing of time has made it impossible for investigators to pursue medical evidence or DNA, so no charges will be filed.

Deputy Tyler Mattson was also placed on leave after a complaint was filed with the Sheriff’s Office. Officials have still not stated the details of the complaint.

He was also given the go-ahead to return to duty.

There have been numerous other employees placed on leave just this year. Those include:

-Lt. Robert Dodd, who was put on leave Jan. 1 and retired from the position on April 23. He was involved in the investigation into a storage unit that housed evidence from a 10-year-old homicide case. 

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He is charged with abuse of public records, a misdemeanor; and two counts of second-degree official misconduct.

-Sgt. Arin Hart was placed on administrative leave in March after Colorado State Patrol Trooper G.E. Muse helped him with a traffic stop and later voiced concerns about some of the DUI/DUID arrests. 

There is currently an internal affairs investigation being conducted in reference to this case. He has been employed with the department for nearly four years.

-Cpl. Brandon Tilley was placed on leave and was arrested May 3. He is accused of child abuse and third-degree assault. His child showed up to school with bruises on his buttocks and right leg, the Chieftain reported. 

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Tilley has worked for the department since 2009. 

For community members, there are mixed feelings about the status of the department. 

Rick Ratzlaff thinks the department needs to be completely reworked, starting with the sheriff. Right now, he is the chief petitioner in a recall effort against the sheriff. 

"Until we get a sheriff in there that's going to run the show right they're all going to do it," said Ratzlaff. 

However, others are coming to the sheriff's defense.

"Beiker is doing what he should do as a manager and he's taking care of it. I think we need to see what happens and how it goes to the legal system. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty and we take care of it in that fashion. [Beiker] is a good man and I've always known him to be a good trusted person," said Preston Troutman, who's lived in the community for more than 40 years. 

The sheriff's office declined to comment further on any of these cases. 


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