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Treasure hunting may have led to missing man's disappearance

VIDEO Treasure hunting may have led...

FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. - Eric Ashby went missing June 28th while rafting, according to his friends and hasn't been seen since. 

"That day when the group of five went out there, they actually went out there specifically to retrieve the treasure, they were going to bring it home that day," family friend Bridget Dandaraw-Seritt said. 

Dandaraw-Seritt says Ashby moved to Colorado Springs to search for Forrest Fenn's treasure. 

It's supposedly $2 million worth of gold and jewels hidden in the Rocky Mountains. 

Posts to Facebook groups show Ashby trying to secure supplies for the hunt.

And messaging "Colorado Treasure Hunts" on Facebook to see if they wanted to help him find it. 

The group's co-founder Bo Griswold says he thinks Ashby might have misinterpreted Fenn's poem, that contained clues to where the treasure was hidden. 

"I seriously doubt there was any rafting involved in the poem. It does mention a waterfall, but I think people are taking the poem a little too far," Griswold said.

In Ashby's car the contract written on a piece of notebook paper between the group. 

It shows Ashby was to take 51 percent of the treasure home. 

Family and friends just want answers as to what happened June 28, and why Ashby's friends didn't report him missing. 

"This particular act was so heinous that they did not report him, didn't tell his family that he was gone we want this to be remembered and we want them to have some sort of lasting consequence for this," Dandaraw-Seritt said.

A body was found in Fremont County on the Arkansas River on Friday.

Fremont County tells us because of the state of the body a definitive id will likely have to come from dental or DNA records.


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