The drop in temperatures could lead to dangerous roads for bus drivers, but the City of Colorado Springs and School District 11 is teaming to make sure students make it safe to school.

The Colorado Springs Streets Division is using sand to give drivers more traction on the road and deicer to pre-treat the roads.

This will make it easier for bus drivers, because District 11’s Cheryl Weaver said it’s hard to drive a 30,000 pound bus on icy roads.

“I tapped my brakes and I went sideways and I slid sideways all the way down (the road),” Weaver said.

But she feels the bus drivers are prepared for the worst.

“We train the drivers a lot on adverse weather, and we have automatic chains which helps them with traction,” Weaver said.

The Streets Division will also provide help.

“We will have everybody ready tonight, we have a partial call out for the evening hours and then a full call out for the morning hours,” Streets Division Manager Corey Farkas said.

But even with the city’s help, Weaver said the drivers won’t be in a big rush.

“They will leave a little bit early so they can get to their first stop on time, and they just have to drive slow and be safe,” Weaver said.

The buses will start to leave the yard at 5:40 a.m.