Goats set to return to Bear Creek Regional Park

Colorado - Get ready for goats to return to Bear Creek Regional Park next week.

Around 400 or 500 goats are scheduled to arrive early next week and will work in the park for 10 days. Their mission is to eat the weeds and brush near the Charmaine Nymann Community Garden, so weed-killing chemicals won't be used.

Lani Malmberg and her son manage the herd of goats. "The goats prefer the dry vegetation first—leaves, weeds and brush," Lani said. "They're browsers, not grazers like cows, and will only eat the green grass as a last resort. They like the dry prickly things and the herd will eat two to three tons a day. What they eat, they recycle—pure organic fertilizer—back into the soil. Their 2,200 hooves work the soil, aerating and mulching as they go."

Dog owners are asked to keep their pets on a leash when they are near the herd.

You can find out more information, by clicking here.

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