Newly employed, but still homeless…Keith Claxon woke up to a blanket of snow covering his bed roll.

“I call it getting smurfed, where you turn blue,” Claxon said.

He still made it to his first day of work at Orchard Ovens Bakery in downtown Colorado Springs 20 minutes early.

“I love doing dishes, its fun to me,” Claxon said.

A smile on his face while he worked, even though he expected another night struggling to survive the coldest temperatures our area has seen in years.

“Ain’t no picnic out there when it’s like that,” Claxon said.

But Claxon’s persistence in getting a job touched two warmhearted viewers, who soon after our story aired on Tuesday, decided to invite him into their home and out of the cold.

“We’ve both been down and out before. These kinds of conditions, nobody should have to step outside,” said Ron Levasseur.

Levasseur and his girlfriend, Doris Gallegos, contacted KRDO to offer Claxon their spare bedroom, at least through the extent of this arctic blast.

“We don’t have much, but whatever we have it’s his,” Gallegos said.

The couple says they plan on even driving Claxon to his job.

“There are no words to express how grateful I am,” Claxon said.

Claxon said he tried begging once with a cardboard sign but his pride wouldn’t let him do it again.  He says he accepted this offer because he wasn’t sure he could survive this cold.

“Someone’s handing you a life raft, what are you going to do, sit there and drown?” Claxon said.

A man who arrived by bus in October, penniless and friendless, because of the generosity of Colorado Springs residents, had the adventure of his life skydiving, now possibly his life spared.