Government Shutdown Looming

Carl Winder, Multimedia Journalist,
POSTED: 11:13 PM MDT Sep 28, 2013    UPDATED: 11:15 PM MDT Sep 28, 2013 
Colorado Springs, Colo. -

The House approved 231 - 192  to delay the Affordable Care Act for a year.

This decision could lead to a government shutdown on Tuesday.

If that does happen, funding would stop for many federal programs. 

Stephanie Studebaker wants to be a homeowner.

She currently is renting an apartment.

If there is a government shutdown, that dream may not be a reality.

"That would be a long way off from me, like five years in the future if the government is taking away all special programs I benefit from," Studebaker said.

Normally, first time home buyers would receive government support to buy a house, but those loans would be delayed if there is a government shutdown.

According to reports, many programs would be affected.

Nationals parks and overnight campgrounds would be closed.

Military personnel paychecks will be delayed.

Taxpayer services and toll-free help lines from the IRS would stop, and other programs will either shut down or be delayed.

Betsie Fredrickson depends on the IRS help line, like a lifeline.

"I can tell you I tried to do my taxes many times and I always end up trying to find help," she said.

She feels the government should cut a little from each program and not get rid of any.

"Like a percentage instead of shut down this and shut down that...everyone should feel it a little bit," Fredrickson said.

Some Democrats said they will deny any changes to the Act when it reaches the Senate.

President Obama said if any changes occur in the Affordable Care Act, he will veto it.

Studebaker said Congress should follow the example of their own people. 

"I would say please follow the footsteps of two of your fellow congress people who decided not to pay themselves because legislatures were not doing their job," she said.

FEMA said flood victims will not be affected if there is a government shutdown.