The New Year is only a few days away and that has people thinking about their New Year's resolutions. Perhaps the most popular one is losing weight.

Gyms across the country are expecting membership to increase starting January 1 and existing members to hit the gym more often.

Accolade Fitness is prepared for many people to walk through the doors willing to workout in 2014.

"We always expect a big influx especially in January. Looking at the numbers over the last few years, that's our biggest month is January, February and then March," said Accolade Fitness trainer Kris Rice.

"I just wish people including myself would be a little bit more committed throughout the entire year because we all get so busy with stuff in our lives," said gym member Christine Klopenstine.

Several Colorado Springs gyms have discounts for the New Year. Accolade Fitness offers members to bring a guest for free every visit.