How to dispose of your Halloween pumpkin

COLORADO SPRINGS - Now that Halloween is over, the next step is putting away your haunting decorations. This means disposing of those pumpkins that were cute on the first day you carved them but are now looking sad and decayed. 

While the easy choice would be to put them in a trash bag, there are a few other eco-friendly options. 

1. Pumpkins are perfect for compost. To speed up the decomposition process, gut the pumpkin and break up the rind. Next, bury it in your garden under materials such as sawdust or dried leaves. 

2. Turn your un-carved pumpkin into a homemade puree. You can cut up the rind, steam it until tender and puree it in a hand-held mixer. Next, use your work to create pies and pancakes. 

3. Squirrels love pumpkin. If you are a "let nature take its course" kind of person, leave your pumpkin out on the porch and let the squirrels take care of disposal. Unfortunately for them, they can't get their pumpkin fix at a local Starbucks. 

4. Go Office Space on your pumpkin.

If you have some pent up aggression that needs releasing, go smash your pumpkin on a grassy area. You are giving nutrients to Mother Earth while still feeding the squirrels. 

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