When temperatures fall, non-profits like the Red Cross open their doors for folks to get out of the cold, but for people with pets it can be more difficult finding shelter.

Margrit Born has been homeless since October. She lives in her car with her dog Scoobie.

She says during the day she spends most of her time at the Haven House on Walnut Street, but that Scoobie has to wait in the car. Then at night when the Haven House closes, she and Scoobie have nowhere else to go because there aren't any places who will take in both pets and their owners.

"I was told take him to the pound where he would be put down because he's old and sick and you go get yourself in a shelter; that's not an option for me, I have to keep my dog, he's not going to be with me very long and I'll sacrifice because I don't want to kill him," says Born.

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is opening its doors to pets tonight. If you have a pet that needs shelter you need to check in with the Red Cross then bring your pet to the humane society before 6:30 at night.

You can't stay overnight with your pet but the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region opens at 8 in the morning to reclaim pets.