Colorado Springs, Colo -

Some Colorado Springs residents who live along Struthers Road say drivers ignore the speed limit on the busy street and neighbors worry for their safety.

Our camera spotted a number of speeders today whizzing through Struthers.  

Kelley Thornton's lived in a subdivision alongside Struthers Road She has two small kids.

"It's summer time and we're families," Thornton said. "We're in our cars and teenagers are on the road out there and they use this road as backdoor access to communities. Everyone just needs to slow down here."

Angel Diaz lived adjacent to Struthers for seven years.

"People especially late in the evening see the interstate getting crowded, bypass it and come down Struthers at 50, 60, 70 miles per hour," Diaz said. "It needs more of a police presence."

El Paso County says it has officers and patrols at designated traffic areas throughout the county, working to catch speeders.

We contacted the Colorado Department of Transportation. It says it's never before received complaints pertaining to speed issues on Struthers.