YODER, Colo. -

El Paso County Sheriff's Deputies and the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region pulled a horse from a ditch Wednesday morning. Now the Humane Society is investigating whether or not it will charge the horse's owner with neglect.

Deputies responded to a home on Torrence Road in Yoder just after 9 Wednesday morning. When they arrived they found a horse, whose name was Elliott, stuck in the ditch.

Neighbors had tried to dig the horse out and were even using lead ropes to try to pull him out, but it wasn't until the humane society showed up with rescue equipment that they pulled Elliott out.

Neighbors say they don't think Elliott saw the hole because it was buried. "It probably had been covered up by tumbleweeds, he probably just mistook it for a regular path right there and he probably fell in because we get massive tumbleweeds here and it could cover everything," says neighbor Juan Urbina who helped pull Elliott from the ditch.

Elliott was on his way to Airways Veterinary Hospital when he died. The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region says it used equipment that was donated to it during the Black Forest Fire to pull the horse out.