I-25 Drug War

Stopping The Pipeline

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A covert war to stop illegal drugs is going on right now in Southern Colorado. Three recent huge drug busts in Pueblo just reinforce the amount of money that's being made in illegal drug sales. An undercover Pueblo Police narcotics agent told me that the busts were worth more than 20-million dollars. He also told me all have something major in common. The busts were done off the I-25 corridor. It's long been known as the key pipeline for illegal drug running throughout the state and beyond.

Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey told me that the key players are Mexican Drug Trafficking Operations or D-T-O's. They're now a major force behind the illegal drugs manufacture and distribution. He said these D-T-O's are more sophisticated than ever before. However, Chief Carey also says as the criminals get sophisticated, so do law enforcement to bring them down.

He wouldn't get into specifics, but said specific training to stop and stop drug runners, better info sharing with other Southern Colorado cities like Pueblo and more coordination with the feds are all making a big dent in the illegal drug trade.

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