With school and a highly anticipated basketball tournament canceled due to the bitter cold, a group of five girls did the first thing that came to mind: they went ice skating.

"It's fun and it's for Devin's birthday party," said Caylee Dewitt, a sixth grader who was excited to use the ice rink despite single-digit temperatures.

On Wednesday, when the cold front first arrived, the temperatures closed the ice rink. It was open Thursday, but saw just six visitors. By Friday, the skate park saw close to one dozen in just a 30-minute stretch.

Many were ready to get out and do something fun, despite temperatures hovering around 0 degrees.

"I like school being canceled, but I like ice skating, too," said Carlee Redd.

The girls were some of many people out Friday. A handful of people tried visiting what is normally a tourism hot spot, Garden of the Gods Park.

"I think its good to be spontaneous," said Anna Rangel.

She's visiting Colorado Springs and decided to take a walk in the park to snap photos with her friend Felix Kovlyov.

"It is very different," said Kovlyov of the park. "I think a place like that you should be visiting all different times of year, rediscovering it over and over again."