El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa disputes claims that he set incoming sheriff Bill Elder up for failure by hiring too many employees.

In a recent interview, Maketa said that he has $2 million in his budget that he plans to roll over into next year's budget.

"I had no idea he was going to roll over $2 million or how he does that. That's not been something that we've ever discussed," said Bill Elder, who is running unopposed for sheriff in November.

In a story first reported by KRDO NewsChannel 13 last week, Elder said Maketa has overhired employees, leaving him in an uncomfortable situation when he takes over as sheriff in January.

"My concern is that I want to manage the budget and the personnel conservatively. I am not a proponent of over-hiring until I get a chance to look things over," Elder said.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 has repeatedly requested an interview with Maketa. Sgt. Greg White, a spokesperson with the sheriff's office, said, "Sheriff Maketa has no desire to grant anyone from KRDO an interview. Further, he asked me to reaffirm to all that his intent is to stay until the end of his term, although he is eligible to retire with full benefits at any time, as he has over 27 years of service to the citizens of the county."

When asked about his relationship with Maketa, Elder described it as strained. "And that's alright. I'm OK with that. And I know he is."

Commissioners will begin having budget hearings next month. Commissioner Darryl Glenn said the biggest advantage of having Elder take over right now would be so that Elder can be a part of those discussions.