Increase In Colorado Springs Child Abuse Deaths

District Attorney?s Office Said Record-Breaking Homicides Show More Child Abuse Deaths

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The 31st homicide was reported in Colorado Springs on Monday, and the District Attorney?s Office?s Dan May said this is not the most startling statistic.

?We?ve set a record this year, unfortunately, on homicides. But, the biggest increase we?ve seen in that is our child abuse death,? said May.

May said the cases he has seen involved family members who have reached a point of frustration that causes them to act in ways they would not otherwise.

?They?re trying to take care of the bills, trying to take care of the kids, their frustration levels just may be hitting a moment where they do something they would never think about doing before,? said May.

May said there are options for these parents, that can help prevent child abuse.

?A lot of people don?t know that there is a nonprofit in town. It?s called KPC Respite Service and they?re there to help out with child care particularly in an emergency situation,? said May.

Named after a child who died from shaken-baby syndrome, the KPC provides free temporary crisis and planned childcare.

?If someone?s has domestic violence and they need a safe spot for their kids for a little while, if they have a medical emergency or if they just hit that red line and they need to back away, the Respite Center is there,? said May.

The Center offers a 24-hour help line and can provide child care for up to 72 hours.

For more information on the center?s services, call 719-634-5439.

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