Investigators search Catamount trail after human skull found

Investigators search Catamount trail after human skull was found

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. - Investigators took it one step at a time, looking for any piece of evidence following the discovery of a human skull near the Catamount Reservoir.

Cmdr. Greg Couch with the Teller County Sheriff's Office said the remains were found about 200 yards off the main trail in an area that's not usually active.
"We've had a range in the last six months of sun light to deep snow, so that's going to play a part into it," Couch said.

When remains are found in a natural area like this, Couch said crews take their time and search the area thoroughly. 

"We do have some bone, what we call bone scatter through the area and it does look like there might have been some animals activity," Couch said.

In the same area where the bones were found, a car was found abandoned last October. It belonged to Micah Lambert who was reported missing out of Colorado Springs just a month earlier.

Couch said it's too early in the investigation to know whose remains these are, but the only missing person case they're working on is Lambert.

The coroner has collected the skull and bone fragments, and they will be evaluated for dental records next week.

"It's best to just go slow and methodically to make sure we collect every piece of evidence so that we can come up with a good story about what happened and who this person is," Couch said.

Cadaver dogs will be sent out Sunday morning to make sure no evidence was missed.

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