Kelsie Schelling's mother speaks out following developments in case

Kelsie Schelling's Mother Speaks On Investigation

PUEBLO, Colo. - Late last week, Pueblo police and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation searched a property where Kelsie Schelling's ex-boyfriend once lived. Evidence was bagged, but whether it's related to her disappearance remains a mystery.

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Kelsie's mother, Laura Saxton says she was notified of the search days prior via phone.

"They know we live so far away and wanted us nearby in case Kelsie was found," Saxton said.

She said it was a phone call she prayed for since her daughter disappeared in 2013. Pueblo police told her they were digging up the former backyard of Kelsie's ex-boyfriend, Donte Lucas.

During Saxton's four-hour drive from her home in Yuma to Pueblo, she said she remained hopeful her daughter would finally be found.

"When we got there, they gave us a quick walk through so we could see the work being done," Saxton said.

She described that moment as tense and tough.

When asked if the discovery of evidence found in the backyard gave her closure she replied:

"It does, you know. I don't know what those items are and I don't know that we will be told, but definitely anything that they can find gets us one step closer to finding Kelsie."

Schelling was from Denver, but drove to Pueblo in 2013 to tell her ex, Lucas, she was pregnant. It's the last time she was seen.

Kelsie's mother said always felt Lucas' home should be searched.

"It's something we thought needed to be done from the very beginning," Saxton said.

Laura describes these past few days as, "the toughest since Kelsie went missing."

"We had so much hope going into it, that this was going to be the end of this nightmare, and turned out it wasn't," Saxton said.

Saxton plans on organizing search teams this spring to continue looking for Kelsie.

"I just want to thank everyone from Pueblo Police and the CBI and all the work they put into the search and all the support we've received from people in the community," Saxton said.

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