Kids Disappear After Missing Bus Stop

Two 6-Year-Old Girls Get Off In Unfamiliar Neighborhood

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Richard Travis became concerned when his two 6-year-old girls did not arrive home after school on Wednesday.

It was the girls? first day of school, and they had missed their appointed bus stop.

Travis said the girls realized their mistake and told their bus driver.

?They said they told him this wasn?t their stop and they didn?t know where they were, and he is like, ?This is your stop. Everybody off the bus,?? said Travis.

The girls said the bus driver refused to take them back to their usual bus stop because there was "construction down there.?

When the girls did not arrive at 3:30, like they were supposed to, Travis said he began frantically calling the school.

?I ended up calling the school; the school gave me the runaround. They told me to call transportation for District 11. I talked to District 11 Transportation, and they tried to put it on the school,? said Travis.

?I was getting mad, honestly. I was getting really mad and frustrated,? said Travis.

Travis said the bus stop at which his girls are supposed to get off at is only one half-block away from his house. The stop at which the girls actually got off was about a quarter of a mile from their home.

Travis said the girls began walking in the wrong direction and stopped at Boulevard and Cascade, where the girls were spotted by a passer-by, who notified authorities.

Travis said an officer arrived right away and took the girls home approximately 45 mintues after they should have arrived home from the bus.

Each of the girls had a tag on her backpack that detailed the student?s name, school, district and bus stop address.

Devra Ashby, spokeswoman for District 11, said, ?There was an incident that we?ll be looking into, and there are situations that are isolated incidents that don?t always happen. We do look into and work with the parents to solve the situation.?

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