Many people hope to please their friends and family with that perfect gift. This Christmas, we found kids who say that wasn't hard to do.

Jacob McDow was most excited about a Ripstik, which he describes as a cross between a skateboard and a bicycle.

"When you're riding it, you can do ollies and stuff," said McDow.

McDow also praised his grandmother for picking out some cool, new shoes.

"My shoes are the best because my grandma got them and my grandma is pretty cool," said McDow.

For other kids, it's what they got but how much that makes it a special Christmas.

"Our Christmas this year was pretty fun, we got a lot of stuff," said Jeremy Roberts.

The hats, coats and T-shirts can pile up into a great holiday. Roberts said the surprise of getting something when you're not expecting it can be pretty special.

"I got a lot of presents from different people so I'm like, 'Oh, there's a lot of presents here,'" said Roberts.

We didn't find anyone who wanted to weigh in on worst gifts of the year, but the consensus online is that clothes and shoes a few sizes too small tended to annoy people the most.