La Junta embraces winter weather

La Junta embracing winter weather

LA JUNTA, Colo. - While conditions have remained relatively mild in the Pikes Peak region, people on the eastern plains are seeing more moisture with the latest winter storm.

La Junta saw snow Sunday, keeping people busy shoveling their sidewalks.

Many main roads are plowed but side streets are a bit slushy.

Neighbors said a good snowstorm in La Junta, doesn't come often so they're grateful for the precipitation.

"This season it's only the second good snow we've had," Virginia Cowell said. "I hope it keeps snowing, we need the moisture."

"It's definitely nice. Kids can get out and play and build snowmen and all that fun stuff,"  Kenny Ruybal said.

The snow falling in the eastern plains is very dense and wet. When combined with warm temperatures, the snow could leave roads icy Sunday night and Monday morning.

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