Local cheerleader and mom speak out about cheerleader incident

Cheerleader reacts to girl pushed to do splits

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The horrifying cries have already been heard around the country as East High School freshman Ally Wakefield is being forced to do splits by her own teammates and her coach Ozell Williams. 

Dr. Emily Stuart is a sport medicine doctor at Children’s Colorado Briargate Outpatient clinic and says there's a huge difference between stretching your muscles and over stretching them. 

"When you're stretching, the goal is to actually increase the length of the muscular tendinous unit and if you're activating those muscles while trying to stretch you're not doing that," said Sterwart. 

Local 10th grade cheerleader Cambria Oldenburg was shocked when she saw the video. 

"It's really hard and strenuous to get your splits, so to put in so much pressure on it is not good for you," said Oldenburg. 

Her mother, Jeanie Oldenburg, hopes no mom ever has to see this happen to their child/ 

"It was horrifying to watch. And the little girl's face was cringing, the teammates holding her down and the coach participating. It's not right," she said. 


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