Local gun stores take precaution following Florida school shooting

Local gun stores take precaution following Florida school shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Mel Bernstein is a gun expert. He owns Dragonman Guns and is known as the most armed man in America with 200 machine guns of his own. 

He is on heightened alert after Wednesday's school shooting in Florida and said he takes extra precaution when making a sale.

"Yeah, it's on your conscience. It's hard to sleep at night. And really I hope the public isn't mad at people like me. We're just doing a job," Bernstein said.

He's not the only one looking out. Grandpa's Pawn and Gun Shop in Longmont is also looking for warning signs.

"He came in and was talking to himself, pacing and talking to himself and then he walked up to me and wanted to buy a gun," said Christopher Lewis, a gun salesman, about a customer of his.

Bernstein sells around 10 AR-15s, the type of gun used in the Florida shooting, a week.

Bernstein says he would support stricter gun regulations like mental health screenings.

 "Yeah, I feel really bad, you know what happened. Imagine if my kids went to school and never came back, very hard," Bernstein said.

Lawmakers from across the country are also pleading for stricter regulations on purchasing guns, including Florida's Senator Bill Nelson.

"Please change your position about assault weapons. Please change your positions, Mr. President, about background checks," Nelson said in a press conference.

But for now, someone can get a background check and leave the store with a gun within minutes.

The gun that Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz used was bought legally about a year before the shooting.

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