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100% containment is relief to fire victim

100% containment is relief to fire victim

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Now that the Black Forest Fire is 100 percent contained, one fire victim tells KRDO NewsChannel 13 that it allows his family to move forward.

Ted Robertson co-hosts KRDO NewsRadio's Saturday Business Magazine program with Robin Roberts.  He lost his home in the Black Forest Fire.

Robertson went to cheer for the firefighters at the monumental shift change on Thursday evening at Powers and Old Ranch boulevards.  He took some pictures and decided not to share his story with the firefighters.

"I would not want them to know what we're going through," Robertson said.  "I think they deserve to have that moment of relief."

Two days ago, Robertson made a miraculous discovery.  A tiny statue of baby Jesus -- a family heirloom and Christmas tradition -- was found in the ash and debris.  Now as he and his wife continue to sift through the rubble, they're finding even more treasures.

"That one's always going to take the cake," Robertson said of the statue discovery.  "But I think (my wife's) going to find a lot of little miracles out of that rubble."

Robertson spent the day searching his home before coming to the shift change.  He said he was overjoyed every time his wife found something they thought was lost.

"I think it's been a really big thing for us to find things we thought we had lost," he said.  "They're deep in the ash. They're in between broken dishes.  These memories are coming back.  I can be on the other side of the house and doing something else and I'll hear a screech or some other exclamation of joy and it's just great."

Robertson said when he heard the fire was 100 percent contained, he breathed a sigh of relief and a weight was lifted off his shoulders.

"It allows us to concentrate on moving forward, not living in the present because the present has not been good for us to tell you the truth," he said.  "Now we can begin that cleaning process, that salvaging process and that planning process -- planning for moving forward."

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