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$10k available for El Paso County investigation into Sheriff Maketa

$10k available for El Paso County investigation into Sheriff

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Two El Paso County commissioners spoke Thursday (6/5/14) about the investigation into Sheriff Terry Maketa. Commissioners said they have $10,000 available for the investigation and Maketa's lawyer fees. Commissioners say those costs likely will go over that amount.

County Commissioner Dennis Hisey said the money will be coming out of the general fund and there is money set aside for legal fees.

If the amount goes over $10,000, Hisey said the county commissioners will have to make a decision on where to get the rest of the money.

County Commissioner Amy Lathen said the only option the commissioners have is to follow the law, even if it comes at the taxpayers' expense.

"We do have an (obligation) to provide representation for any official in the office or department when it comes to litigation in the county," she said. 

Sheriff Maketa is accused of sexual favoritism and creating a hostile work environment. We recently broke the story that Maketa hired one of the state's best defense attorneys, Pamela Mackey, on retainer.

The cost for Mackey and the county's attorneys for the case will be $250 per hour.

Undersheriff Paula Presley, comptroller Dorene Cardarelle and head of dispatch training Tiffany Huntz are accused of having inappropriate relationships with Sheriff Maketa. The commissioners tell us none of the three has contacted the county attorneys.

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