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11 arrested in undercover drug operation in Trinidad

5 still on the run

TRINIDAD, Colo. - The Trinidad Police Department officers arrested 10 people Wednesday on drug related charges.  Another person was taken into custody by Pueblo Parole Officers and five individuals remain at large.

The Trinidad Police Department obtained the arrest warrants for all 16 individuals on Wednesday.

These arrests are the result of undercover narcotics operations that took place from mid-September 2012 to early December 2012 in the City of Trinidad, police said.

During this time, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and various types of narcotic pills were purchased from individuals at various locations in the city.  

"This is the first time we have done drug operations back to back. I think that starting this operation so quickly after ending the last one kept people guessing," said Chief Charles Glorioso.

"The Police Department will continue to work at removing drugs from our community. It is an on-going battle and it will remain a priority for this year," said Glorioso.

Click here to see each person's photograph and specific charges.

The individuals arrested were:

Charlene Kay Villani, 66

Nichole Hernandez, 35

Randy Sanchez, 35

Vincent Tafoya, 44

Jeffery Daniel Guzzo, 28

Joseph Reyes, 66

Christopher Paul Huffine, 22

Virginia Rino, 31

Jeffery Skylar Robinson, 22

Julian Domingo Vigil, 36

Darren Mondragon, 40 (taken into custody by Pueblo Parole Officers).

The following five individuals remain at large:

Shelby Violante, 24

Brandon Hernandez, 35

Amanda Montoya, 33

Adam Anthony Medina, 35

Carla Riggins, 52

Click here to see each person's photograph and specific charges.

If you have information regarding drugs in Trinidad, please contact the Trinidad Police Department at 719-846-4441, the TIP line at 719-845-TIPS, or via email at tips@trinidad.co.gov.

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