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11 Colorado stores affected by Goodwill data theft

Goodwill Data Theft

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Credit card numbers have been stolen from hundreds of stores across the country and almost a dozen in southern Colorado.

Three hundred stores across the country were affected, including 11 in southern Colorado.

"The first thing I thought was, Goodwill? It doesn't seem like a profitable target," said Yolanda Scaggs, a frequent Goodwill shopper.

If you shopped in an affected Goodwill store from Feb. 10, 2013 through July 20, 2014, your credit card and debit card numbers could be at risk.

"We have gone with another system and have done everything in our power so our customers are not threatened," said Melissa Lyby, spokesperson for Goodwill.  

The company says its third party vendor was hacked.

Six stores have been hacked in Colorado Springs. So far there haven't been any reports of trouble from shoppers in Colorado Springs.

Other affected stores are in Canon City, Fountain, Pueblo, Woodland Park and Grand Junction.

"Customers are the lifeblood of our mission. Our stores exist to put people to work. So we were deeply concerned," said Lyby.

"There's a concern you hesitate to use your card. Today I paid in cash," said Scaggs.  

Goodwill has hired a forensic expert, worked with law enforcement and contacted credit card companies.

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