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12-year-old hero saves Fort Carson soldier

Soldier saved at 11-Mile Reservoir

12-year-old hero saves soldier

11-MILE RESERVOIR, Colo. - They fight for our country, but today a Fort Carson solider is calling a 12-year-old boy his hero.

The soldier was kayaking on Sunday on the Eleven-Mile Reservoir when rough waters tipped him over. He soon realized he wasn't going to make it alone. A remarkable boy saved the soldier.

"I was fearing for my life," said Staff Sgt. Wesley Patton.

Those are words Staff Sgt. Patton never dreamed he'd think on Eleven-Mile Reservoir. He was kayaking Sunday (9/29/13) when choppy waters flipped over his kayak. 12-year-old Adin Pruett and his dad were fishing nearby.

"I yelled to him are you okay? And he said uh yeah," said Adin.

‘Uh, yeah' quickly turned into, ‘Uh, oh.'

"As it was filling with water, the boat was pulling me under," said Staff Sgt. Patton.

Patton was tangled in his nets and fishing gear and his kayak was sinking.

"I said, 'Are you still okay?' He said, 'No, I need help,'" explained Pruett.

Young Pruett started tossing anything in the boat to save him.

"I threw these also would help him because it's a life jacket," said Pruett showing a life vest.

A panicked patton made it to the edge of the boat.

"We were pulling him up here," said Pruett pointing to the end of the boat.  "Pulling him up and it was not easy."

Patton was safe, but it wasn't over yet. When he made it on board, Patton realized he was having an asthma attack.

"He was breathing really heavily," said Pruett.

Once the three got to shore, Adin jumped out of the boat and ran to Wesley's truck to get his inhaler so Wesley could start breathing normally again.

"What was going through my mind? Nothing because I was in total shock!" said Adin with a laugh.

He must've hidden that shock.

"He was very mature and helpful young man," said Staff Sgt. Patton.

Next month, Staff Sgt. Patton will be fighting to save others, but he'll always remember the brave boy who fought turbulent waters to save him.

"I'm just like, 'Woah! I just saved a guy's life!'" exclaimed Adin.

"I want to thank Adin and his family. I live another day for him," said Staff Sgt. Patton.

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