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2 people shot near park in SE Colorado Springs

2 people shot near park in SE Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Gunmen shot two men in a park in Colorado Springs Sunday afternoon.

Police were called to Roy Benavidez Park on Afternoon circle at about 3:15 p.m. Sunday. 

Police said it started as a fight at Kwik Stop near Western Terrace apartments. Witnesses said next, two gunmen pulled up in a maroon minivan and fire rounds in two men in the park.

Witnesses said the two gunmen fired off at least six rounds into one victim at close range. Witnesses said the man's friend was shot in the arm. One victim was in critical condition. The other victim's condition is unknown.

"He was shot all over the place, chest, arms, legs, thighs, just every where," said neighbor Carrie Daniels.

Daniels and other neighbors responded quickly to save the victims' lives.

"A bunch of us in the military, guys came out and they put tourniquets and they were all putting pressure on the wound and everything," said Daniels.

Daniels and neighbor Nicole Anderson worked side-by-side to assist the victims. They said they were able to keep the man with multiple gunshot wounds conscious until the ambulence arrived.  Witnesses estimated the man with multiple gunshot wounds was in his mid-30's.

Anderson's 11-year-old daughter Monique was playing with friends outside when the gunmen unloaded rounds into the victims only 100 yards away.

"Me and my friend dropped to the floor and her brother came running with his friend," said Monique.

Monique said two boys were playing 15 feet away from the victims when the gunmen showed up.

"The kids were afraid, they scattered, they didn't know where to go. My neighbor over here, she grabbed two kids she didn't know and threw them in the house so they were safe," said Anderson.

Anderson worries about her daughter and other children in the park.

"The kids were playing right there, they saw them come up, they saw him shoot at him, they were really trying to hurt them and they saw everything," said Anderson.

"What happens later tonight when they go to sleep? This is something that's in their own area. This is supposed to be a safe place for them. Now, the park isn't even safe anymore."

Anderson said the violence could have hurt a child, and there aren't even words for that.

Law enforcement is looking for the shooters' vehicle. It's a maroon minivan with shiny paint. It's possible a Dodge make.

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