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420 Origins

420 Origins

PUEBLO, Colo. - It's an origin story that is a bit…hazy.

Tens of thousands of people came to Colorado to partake in what's simply known as "420."

But where does that cannabis catch phrase come from?  We asked several "cannabis enthusiasts" around Colorado and we heard several different answers.

"I remember hearing that it was Hitler's birthday," one smoker answered.

"Because there are 420 chemicals in weed," another said.

"I heard it was a bunch of guys sitting around, smoking pot and they decided to have a holiday for smoking pot.  Somebody looked at their watch and it was 4:20 and they said 420!" said Donald Hatter.

"I think it started in Berkley, California, when these guys used to meet after class," said famous cannabis inspired actor Tommy Chong.  "School was over at 4:00 and so they all met at a place where they smoked out in a field at 4:20."

All wrong answers about this reefer reference. 

"The Waldo group.  These were kids and they went out of their school and they would smoke pot at 4-20...But the Grateful Dead family ran with it," said Rick Hooper.

 Hooper manages "The Spot," in Pueblo County, but back in the 1970's he was a part of the "Grateful Dead family."  And he is correct according to research done by the Huffington Post.

 You can read what they found about the 420 origins here.




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