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$80k in pot fines to go towards kids program in Pueblo

$80k in pot fines to go towards kids program in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - A new 2-year health department program in Pueblo is trying to keep kids off tobacco, alcohol and marijuana.

County commissioners voted to fund the $80,000 program in partnership with the city-county health department and Pueblo city schools.      

The program uses facts to target middle school aged kids to keep them from using the substances too early.

County Commissioner Terry Hart says the program is meant to teach them on a "real" level.

"Other programs have been tried before. They've been criticized as propaganda programs. Children aren't stupid. They see through it, and these kinds of programs are very factual and educational and they go right to the point," said Hart.

The money for the program came from a fine that was handed to one of the marijuana grows in the county.

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