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9-year-old killed in Rye accident

RYE, Colo. - The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office responded to the death of a 9-year-old girl Sunday. She was hit by a truck while on private property in Rye.

The girl was with her family gathering wood when family members told her to retrieve the family dog.

Investigators said the driver of the truck was in deep snow and heard a "yelp" before stopping.

Paramedics were called but the girl was pronounced dead shortly after the incident and was never sent to the hospital.

The name of the driver and the girl were not released. According to the Sheriff's Office, no arrests were made and none are expected. Alcohol is not being considered a factor in the accident.

"This is such a heartbreaking tragedy," said Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor. "I extend my most sincere sympathy to this family."

Taylor, who lives nearby, responded to the accident.

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