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A Colo. Springs restaurant offers furloughed government employees a free meal.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs restaurant offers furloughed government employees a free meal.

There is a little good news to government employees impacted by the shutdown.

Poor Richard's, near North Tejon Street and Boulder Street, is many things: a restaurant, a toy store, and now, a business offering help to those without a job.

The business is paying it forward by giving free meals to military and government workers.

"Even in this time of stress, there are some shining moments out there and this is one of them," said Michael Wilkerson, a member of the Air Force, taking advantage of Poor Richard's Restaurant's free meal.

"Showing their support for furlough personnel is fantastic," said Wilkerson.

The free meal idea came from a conversation Laszlo Palos, CEO of Poor Richard's, overheard.  

"The evening of the government shutdown there were a few government employees in here and worried about what was going to happen," said Palos. 

Palos and the other co-owners of Poor Richards's Restaurant decided to show support one meal at a time.

"They are hurting right now, so we want to be able to help them," said Palos.

The offer began Wednesday and will continue throughout the weekend.   The deal is simple.  All one needs is a government ID.

"I think it is really outstanding what people like Poor Richard's are doing for us," said Carol Tipton, Air force employee.  "So many of us are affected here locally, and it is just wonderful to know that people do care and that they are reaching out to us."

Palos hopes the government finds a resolution soon.

"If it doesn't, we will get back together with the owners and discuss the possibility of extending the free meal offer," said Palos.

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