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A Colorado Springs man wants his best friend back

Pets ashes stolen

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs man said his truck was ransacked, and his best friend was stolen.

Sterling Czar raised his Chesapeake Bay retriever, Gusiness, since he was a puppy.

Czar's dog died, and Gusiness was cremated.

But the worst case scenario happened.

"They did a number on the dash, tore apart the dash, and (the ashes) were right here in a small red mountain dog backpacking food container," Czar said.

His dog's ashes were stolen.

Czar said it happened Thursday morning.

He noticed his truck headlights were on, a small white truck was next to his truck, and the white truck took off.

Czar said he wished he would have chased after the white truck.

After he noticed what was stolen, he was shocked.

"I kind of broke down a little bit to be honest with you, because I realized the most important thing was the ashes," Czar said.

He said he fears that whoever stole the ashes might not know the value and throw it in the dump.

Czar has a message for who stole the ashes.

"It'd be nice if you brought them back, if you still have them. It would be really cool," he said.

For now, Czar has a sterling silver necklace with his dog's claws attached to it.

If you have any information on where the ashes are call Colorado Springs police at 719-444-7000



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